3 MAY 2014

9 pm to Midnight at The Old School

Gaasterlaandstraat 3 – 5

Made possible by the generous support of

Gemeente Amsterdam Stadsdeel Zuid

Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds

The Cumulus 3: Old School

Saturday May 3 2014, 9 pm to 12 midnight

a cumulus is a pile of disparate things, a mound of particular objects, a purposeful massing of materials, a landmark, a marker for a tomb, a highly articulated cloud in which we imagine we see images, a cloud which informs us of shifts in the weather, a set of cells in the female ovum which rush to protect and champion thse cells which are able to be fertilized and thus possible for the initiating life…

The Cumulus is also a collective of multi disciplinary artists whose work covers cinema, photography, performance, installation, sound, music, dance, architecture and literature. The group redistributes these disciplines into adventurous hybrids which can act in dialogue and concert with unique site specific locations. Projected images frequently play a decisive role within these programs, making the concept of projecting a range of possibilities on and in a given space not just a symbolic gesture but an actual objective. The project is intended to be an ongoing and open ended pursuit that can continue to build on its experience and development to take on more challenging spaces and situations throughout the city.

Performance Program in the Auditorium and Central Courtyard

9 30 pm (Auditorium) The Cineact Irregulars Ensemble performs Triple Phantom, Upside Down and Mirror Fugues (from The Art of the Fugue by Johann Sebastien Bach)
This ensemble of projectionists create another work for freewheeling concepts of collaborative projection tied to challenging musical prompts. Bach’s late unfinished work, The Art of the Fugue, is an early work of radical conceptualism which literally turns the musical staves upside side and backwards with the aid of mirrors. The projectionists adapt these principals while always trying to extend their range. The Cineact Irregulars Ensemble are Marnix Carpentier-Alting, Julie Dessaud, Janneke
Van Dalen and Lee Ellickson.

10 00 pm (Central Courtyard) Jacob Plooij and Samantha Feelix perform Loie Fuller’s Flying Lessons with the accompaniment of The Cineact Irregulars Ensemble
Jacob Plooij will be equipped with a violin while Samantha Feelix will be ready with stilts for elevation and swirling wings for the capture of projections being hurled her way by the Cineact Irregulars Ensemble. The work makes a reference to the early cinema of attractions for which Loie Fuller remains the high priestess as well as the early fabulist notion of flying lessons.

10 30 pm (Central Courtyard) Jaap Pieters and Jeff Winder perform The Original Old School for the Ultimate Dust Archiving
A performance consisting of a split screen projection of heretofore unseen footage in the form of super 8 rolls which have been rescued from the very refuse which they purport to show.
Guitarist Jeff Winder will bravely interpret the infinity of refuse into a kind of musical clarity.

11 00 pm (Auditorium) Ivan Hendriques and Alfredo Genovesi perform Microscopic Chamber: Extemporaletudes on a Petrie Dish with the collaboration of Vladimir Kaigorodov
A droplet of water becomes a lens magnifying micro-organisms using three laser pointers
which are witnessed on the curved space of a large dome. Ivan Hendriques is a multi-media artist exploring living systems. Alfredo Genovesi is an accomplished musician principally devoted to free improvisation with the electric guitar and a wide array of tools and gadgets.

11 30 pm (Central Courtyard) Vladimir Grafov and The Transactors of Receptive Interference perform Proof of Exception (Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees)
A archive of elemental images and sounds are restricted in a live performance for laser projection and soundtrack which explores a challenging narrative of relearning: a man awakes in a hospital after an accident and discovers he is now blind. He is forced to come to terms with this.

12 00 am (Auditorium) David Pfluger and Florian Olloz/Mobiles Kino and Jocob Plooij perform Do8YourselfCumulus3
The Do8Yourself project by the artist collective Mobileskindo from Basel, Switzerland
connects the mechanical age of cinematography with digital techniques: Their projects are located in the space between digital- and analogue media, professionalism and trash, institutional and independent art. Do8Yourself is actually a film printing technology, which replaces the celluloid by transparencies. With the help of a specially designed software the digital movies are converted into series of single frames. These are printed onto regular transparencies with a commercial printer. The sheets are cut and perforated through a specially developed perforating machine and played back via a hand cranked 16mm film projector. This revolutionary technique makes it possible to record images and playthem back as 16mm film almost instantly. For The Cumulus Mobileskino will gather and convert footage taken on the same day, a record of building and performing The Cumulus at the Old School into film and present it in projection.

Interventions and Installations

Reinout de Vos and Vladimir Kaigorodov, Interactive Womb
The Womb is a Place-in-Space to experience Nothingness. The work employs calculated noise frequency compositions (Sacral Noise), binaural tunes, asynchronous colour light gadget Lights-of-Life, hand held stroboscopes, specially designed perfume, and a biologically shaped space capsule to induce detachment from Old Reality. The Womb is an immersive and interactive container where some magical experiences occur, which happen in the presence of an alien-artist inside who guides the human subjects into the New World.

Vladimir Kaigorodov, RAT-ART
This is a campaign for a new race of city rats with unexpected capacities. The rat image here will serve as a reminder of actual progression in space as much as one of an empty category of implied threat. These secret rats will guide us to what is next.

Vladimir Kaigorodov, De-Paintings (Anti Fermentation)
Kaigorodov devotes special energy to recuing and recuperating discarded art works and takes steps to rectify the paintings potential for dignity by scratching away and removing potentially damaging aspects or simply banal ones. The paintings are then reborn into the inspiring realm that Simone Weil donoted as that of the “decreated”.

Katrien Pappers, The Space Works
Pappers devised a complex installation to wrap the dome of the Interactive Womb project in a personally charged atmosphere created with the simplest means: cardboard, paint and lights of various kinds.

Katrien Pappers, The Vortex
with Ted Brown, Unit
The Vortex is a work that is designed to work in tandem with the Interactive Womb project
though it offers a quite different experience. Made of seven sheer layers in space, the work suggests a passage between different dimension. Interacting with the work is a video projection, Unit, which is drawn from autobiographical images of both Pappers and Brown capturing aspects of their life together.

Katrien Pappers, Wings
A cup and saucer shattered beyond repair have been carefully mended to suggest all the pieces that flew together and at the point of joining, take flight.

Daniella Vangaever, Elevation
An elevator which only provides the opportunity of upward mobility contains an archive of painted canvases created quickly and performatively under the broader project of Projections from Introspection. These works suggest transformation not only of their own content but of one aspect of the building which is taken for granted as a functional site rather than as one offering the potential of epiphany.

tGWdb (aka Ted Brown), Mirrorized Fractalz
A collection of specimens dispersed throughout the building in the form of thirteen photo images, two pro
jected video loops and one flatscreen video through which the artist devises his own tour of the building throwing our attention towards the unexpected. The works are based on the artist’s concept of Deva Mais Vu, a description he gives to work based in the recycling of photography and video art towards new ends. These works double over the idea of intervention both in their own content as well as in their redistribution in space.

Karolien Nuyttens, The Little Queen
A carefully sewn and crafted dress for a small girl becomes spectoral under the black light that bathes it in an unearthly glow. The artist comments “A friend told me that every little girl is a princess. Unfortunately, many girls only discover this when they have also found out that they have actually become adults. For the lost princesses I made a dress that glows in the dark as in the light.”

Julie Dessaud, Situation Studies and Pocket Interventions
Dessaud’s Situation studies and Pocket interventions may be accomplished with ink, transparencies, photography, slides or overhead projectors. Starting from the just outside of the entrance to the Old School, Dessaud cuts a peculiar path through the building to draw our attention unexpectedly.

Olga Westrate, Studies for Mind: Authenticity
In the front vestibule of the Old School Westrate has placed a group works-in-progress that will form part of larger work. These studies consist of three inkjet prints and an overhead projection.

Sebastiaan Majoor, Frames
Registration, study and documentation are an important role in Majoor’s work. He does not
stick to the "laws" of traditional photography and film but rather explores the boundaries of
mediums. Once detached from conventions new and different meanings of space-registrations start to exist. Any framing of reality gives space to the poetry of the ordinary.

Nathalie Snel, Cornstarch in a Leather Pouch Makes the Sound of Snow Crunching
This is a video loop of two men walking in circles through a film-set of an empty room. The men move in opposite directions while performing a sequence of personal gestures. All the set sounds have been recreated as a foley and are interrupted periodically by a drum-solo. This work evolved out of an interest in the body language between men as they cross each other on the street.

The Afterwords Searchparty, The Provisional Ploughshares
Studies for a developing project based around an audio visual interpretation of William Langland’s The Will’s Vision of Piers Ploughman which was originally written in middle English which is far removed from our contemporary English. Two different manifestations of this series are presented, one set outside on the surface of the earth and the other inside hanging in the air, representing two of the four elements, which utilize overhead projectors and the prologue of the original text.

Olga Gansha, Position
Gansha concentrates on video and aural mapping. This work, designed as an intervention working with the building is a digital assembly of images and sounds that serves to reorient and situate the viewer. Sonic information plays an important role in this.

Ariuna Nina, Object of my Approach
Nina has gathered materials from the terrain surrounding the old school to create
an object with its own function, form and means of definition. Here is an object which suggests the establishment of another school on the terrain standing resolutely outside of the school building.

Hans Koning, Sinaï
This work is a projection of photos made in the sinaï dessert at the end of the day (the shadow of one mountain on another mountain with the sun overhead, becomes an abstract view). The sandy place in front of the Od School and the projected photo merge into each other.

Jaap Pieters, The Ultimate Dust Archive
Four screen slide projection
charting the point in 2006 at which time that Jaap Pieters realized that an ideal state of chaos had been attained in his personal universe and which required timely documentation. The colours are literally split by the light in black and white.

Julia Kaiser, School Daze
A progression of slides reveals a sequence of
ink drawings which take us on a narrative journey of lives in school, crisscrossing through incidents and characters, feelings and frustrations. The drawings emphasize school as the place of ultimate socialization.

Go Eun Im and Igor Sevcuk, Because the World has Changed (Episode Three),
As part of a series of continuing process oriented media works, Go Eun Im and Igor Sevcuk combine performative and real-time acts with the 'static' elements of new montages of video material and archival resources which are the focus of current investigations.

The Cumulus Children’s Workshop, Hide and Seek
A archive of interpretive works that consider the idea of school and learning and are arranged in different amalgamations which attempt to
guide the viewer onwards or just to stop and play.


Production and Organization: Lee Ellickson and Jaap Pieters
Technical Director: Janneke Van Dalen
Technical Coordination: Marnix Carpentier-Alting
Administrator: Maaike McCurdy

The Cumulus is a production of the Raspoetin Foundation, whose board of directors consist of Hans Koning, Mark Paul Meyer, and Jaap Pieters

The Cumulus is financially supported by Gemeente Amsterdam Stadsdeel Zuid and Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds. With thanks to Gerban Menis and the Old School and the Old School Restaurant

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